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    March 5, 2014
    6:00 - 7:01pm EST  

citigroup is down 5%. bank of america is telling you something. the chart is telling you something. i think it breaks out from here much higher. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. see you back here at 5:00 for more "fast money." don't go my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always homework in summer and i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. call me 1800-743-cnbc. the froth police were out big time today telling us how this market feels totally like period. 1998 going to 200.
i understand that when the dow dropped 36 and the nasdaq advanced .14%. when we have the huge gains we had yesterday, bears do come out of the wood work to remind us the situation is remanencing of the move going to the nasdaq collapse that devastated so many investors. but while this market is definitely frothy, it doesn't feel like we are on the eve of mass destruction. oh, yeah, i'll admit there is a ton of speculation out there. i'm not going to deny that. it's over heated in some sectors. tech companies without prospects that come public. bubbly markets that have tended to get crushed down the road. and the more ipos, the worse the outlook. we have this extraordinary moving tesla people keep talking about, the car company is being
a savior to the electric grid. lusk, even as this company's earnings are comerical and netflix. amazon is going from 270 to 372 without making a profit. these stocks with some of the cloud-based softwares,, workday concur, many data over valued on an earnings basis. i'll give them that. the revenue growth, which is the case of how people value these companies or at least the momentum funds do, plus the speed of the move is breathe-taking frankly. as my real money colleague pointed out yesterday, the last time the nasdaq was a high like yesterday was on march 1st of 2000 right near the top. i know, really scary.
and it did feel like a blow off yesterday. in the power of it. and that kind of blou off, we know that's a weak sign for the market normally. yet the step 'tis sis m is so thick, i need to be careful talking about the stocks i like. i need to be careful talking about chipolte, yelp, google and facebook because i'm going to hurt people in the end. i hear over and over again from the professionals that i'm reckless and i will roue the day when it unravels. why don't you have the guts to tell the truth, jim, is a common reframe? so let me deal head on with these jeremiahs. am i willing to tell the truth? yes. and it puts my credibility on the line every time i do. 14 years ago i was bullish on
the nas dadaq and i had a huge return from my hedge fund. i was proud. i came into 2000 owning some of the hottest flyers. i called them red hots back then. i stayed peddle to the metal including a speech i gave near the end of february of that year recommending a ton of the most frothy stocks out there but in march 20000 things happened so quickly, i know it doesn't sound like a lot of time but people were going like this, march of 2000 we seen reversals and insiders selling. during those days, the only place to catch me opining was on this real we mentioned with doug cass, part of the and in the middle of that month i did something widely reviled. i sold every stock that fell high. every one of them. taking the money, going into bonds. never gone into bonds in my life. i bought dividend yielders, companies cheap relative to the
nasdaq and shorten stocks i liked because of aggressive insider selling. it wrote it all in real money, the on place i discussed my positions fully disclosed what i was feeling. i switched directions and those who didn't get the cell call hate me to this day. the fact is i got it right, though. entry and exit. one wag said today, i'm afraid to yell fire in a crowded theater, but before the market took the plunge in 2008, i did yell fire. on the today show of all places. a fabulous call. i was trashed by the bulls for getting out and i was the poster boy for keeping people in bad stocks. i was right. when i thought the market stopped declining, i took the bulldog cass, same guy, saying we could be in a generation bottom and you need to do bottom. i changed my mind and followed up with a book called getting back even and i recommend people
return to the market aggressi aggressively. i mention these things not to tell you how right i was, but so you know if i thought we were going down big, i would shout it from the rooftops. i'm the last guy afraid to call it. i did it already. here is the issue. yes, i think some stocks are frothy, but i don't see a peak here because many stocks are not frothy. it's a two-track market and unlike 2000 the bizarre frothy track is different. that's not the case back then. you need to take profits in the winners but i'm not telling you to short them, plus in many cases like google and facebook, these companies are not like they were in 199 -- these are earnings gobs of money. not sales that are trading on earnings and not and spence sieve on the out years. they are cheap, which is why my cartble trust owns both. there are areas that are cheap, so cheap that activist are picking on the ladder two groups to bring out value. however, the major reason i
can't be so negative is the vast majority of professionals are negative, skeptical, short and certainly one of their top traits. they are in total denial of the power. they won't even recognize it. the same people telling me to warn owners of tesla or facebook or twitter wanted me to tell people to flee at dramatically lower levels. i would have looked like a fool if i listened to them and when i have taken their counsel, it has been devastating. maybe it won't always be that way but will be to date for everything these people hate. i think it's these bears that are arrogant and complacent because they don't want to say they are wrong and they don't care how much money they cost people like you with misguided negativity. all that matters is they will be right one day. unlike 2000, 2007, 2008.
the doom and glool mers represe. but i would lose my show, i think. you can't be that wrong, people. you can't. here is the bottom line, i don't see or smell fire is crowded. for now, though, i'll just listen but not bend to the skeptics who kept you out of bull market and are determined to keep you from out -- being out of this and don't want you in this market. they don't want you in this market no matter how strong and positive it continues to be. jamie in maryland, please, jamie? >> caller: hi, jim cramer. >> jamie, how are you? >> caller: fabulous, how are you? >> fabulous. thank you for asking.
>> caller: thank you for everything you do and take a second to wish my awesome amazing son alexander a happy 18th birthday. >> i like that. good to have you in the fold. what's up? >> caller: i'm calling about sirus xm. i bought it at 54 cents. i bought it again at three and change. buy, sale? >> own it. you'll get a new security. i don't think people understand the power of the combination. it's got great management, doing a lot of great things. people are inpatient, that's a mistake. stay long sirus. micah in california? micah? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i got stock in soda stream and they partnered with sunny d. do i stockpile? >> soda stream may get the same
from kruig. i could be wrong. but i don't like soda stream. i need to go to solomon man in south carolina, solomon man? >> caller: hi, mr. cramer, how are you? >> all right. >> caller: i want to say i love the show. >> thank you. >> caller: my question is about plug up approximately 86% and i was trying to ask you basically, what do you think about the stock? >> you know, i want to talk to them. i want to talk to them at how big these wins are because boy, people are going absolutely nuts for it but did get a walmart contract, and that's what i understand. they got a fuel cell contract and if walmart is willing to do it, everybody might. i don't want you to sell the stock. i think it would be premature. where there is smoke, there is fire. i don't smell smoke in the bull theater. when i do, you'll hear me yell it from the rooftops but for
now, i'll ignore those trying to keep you out of what i think is a very strong bull market. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, profit prognosis. the demand for advanced treatment and drugs is on the rise and that puts research companies like thermo fisher under the mike skoft. can it capitalize on the demand of high tech health care? find out in cramer's exclusive. and later, graduate with green? new degrees often come with a mountain of debt, so how can you make the climb towards financial freedom? it's a financial lesson for recent grads and seasoned investors. in today's edition of "cramer's playbook." plus, k-9 cash. the move towards natural organic foods has gone to the dogs and cats. fresh pet wants to transform fido's diet. how this may affect man's real best friend, your wallet. all coming up on "mad money."
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every ceo wants to do a better job, sit down and watch the show of shank redemption not because running a company has much to do with getting out of prison for a murder you didn't
commit. it's played with unusual gravity, get busy living or dying. this is an environment where companies that don't get busy living, taking action like smart acquisitions, get busy dying. when companies do try to take control of their destinies, that tends to be good news for stocks for shareholders, something i write about in "get rich" carefully. that's why i like thermo fisher so much. i think kind of in arms to biotech and big forma, it provides laboratory customers with everything they need and they have a solid diagnostics division and safety business. the big reason i like the stock, back in april, thermo fisher announced it was buying life technologies for 13.6 billion in a deal that closed last month. that makes they the largest player by far. this is just such a fabulous acquisition. the light deal gives the company
a terrific platform, something img poor tablet in a world of genetically platformed medicine and makes it the leader of bio science and processing, two years that help accelerate drug recovery and production. thermo fisher rallied 50% more since the like technology announced last april. talk about getting busy living. the company is doing well for itself before the deal closed and now that it's closed, there could be a lot of upside. a price earnings lower than the growth rate. don't take it from he, let's check in with mark casper, the president and ceo of thermo fisher scientific and learn how this fabulous company is doing and headed. mr. casper, welcome to "mad money". >> thank you. >> i wanted to have you on for a long time because your company is the growth company that has fabulous acquisitions. i want to talk about life but first, there was an article today in the wall street journal saying the chinese are serious
about environmental food chain issues. when i read that, i said they can't do that without you. >> i agree. you know, we have a huge presence in china, the second largest market today, over a billion dollars and when we look at china, we are very aligned with the government priorities, cleaner air, safer food and a better health care system. so, you know, very, very exciting opportunity and we're key in the country. >> i mean, i felt when i saw that, i said, you know, this isn't just some, we'll have some big china business one day. your business is big there now. >> absolutely. i was thinking about it. five years ago it was the sixth largest for revenue. today it's number two. fastest growing and fantastic prospects. >> that's great. i like the life deal because we hear about gene sequencing. this was for you guys to go to the next level. >> sure, we just closed on life technologies, big transaction but you had two industry leaders, very complementary and
believes in the scale. it compliments the strengths that we have in protein research. >> we do a lot of work. we get isos far ma, all of them, they can't do go to the next level without your equipment, can they? >> no, i mean, we are the key supplier. >> right. >> the largest supplier by for to biotech and pharmaceutical companies and they do incredible work. if they are trying to cure cancer and fight the right drug, they will use our products to do the scientific discoveries and used for dna sequencing and protein research, very core to those scientific efforts. >> now you also have what people should understand as being the essential raiser blade business. please explain to people why you have this stream? >> yeah, so today 25% of our revenue is instrumentation and equipment and the aftermarket,
consumables, chemicals and services we have which headaches the business predictable, stable and growing over time. >> let's be sure because one came out recently and saying there are worries about academic funding. thee these are not worries for funding. >> it was a head wind for our industry, but we continued to gain market share and with a budget deal in the u.s., that's a positive. we see the economic and government improving and getting back to better growth. >> i look at the european commission is doing. you have a tail wind developing in europe. >> yeah, so europe, a good year in 2012 in europe. it continued throughout the year. the stability we're seeing in europe is good growth and governments to spend more money there as well. that's a real ps toositive for >> there will be cost taken out but you've been a remarkable buyer of your stock when it gets to be the right time.
do you see that happening again? >> yeah, so if you look back at history, we have historically deployed a third of the cash flow and returning it to shareholders in buybacks and dividends and in the 2011 time frame, repurchases and dividends and i see us into 2015, once again deploying our strong cash flow towards some of it to return capital. next year, this year we should generate billions of dollars in capital. >> it's been remarkably just essential great great for those who want a health care play. so i want to congratlation you. that acre session was so brilliant. i'm so glad you guys did it. that's mark caspers, the president and ceo. coming up, graduate with
green? new degrees often come with a mountain of debt, so how can you make the climb towards financial freedom? it's a financial lesson for recent grads and seasoned investors in today's edition of cramer's playbook. so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential?
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if there is one thing we
don't do at all well in this country, it's teaching young people about money. would it be so crazy to take a class on personal finance before you can graduate from high school? that should be mandatory like the awkward health classes. i do control what we talk about on this show, and that's why every week we take a page from cramer's playbook to fill the gaps in your financial education. because look, money is really important. they say you can't buy happiness, but i found that piece of wisdom to be dubious at best because being broke is a major business kill and i know firsthand from the time i spent living in my 1978 ford. i want to answer a question that was tweeted to me. if you want your question answered, go to twitter at jim crimer and post something with
the hashtag get a plan. today's tweet is from p dixson eight. what are the temperature three things for college grads to keep in mind when investing. i'm thrilled when i see young people taking a hand in my college making their lives more difficult than they need to be. what are my three lessons for people out of college? i'll give you three lessons and a cav yacproblem. pay off your debt. credit companies are aggressive about offering credit to college students. no matter how much money you rack up in the stock market, if you have balances on a credit card, it will eat into it. the interest on the credit card will be overwhelming and far greater than stock investing. so just pay your darn credit card balance in full every
month. automate it with your credit card company. you got to do this for me. let's get to the three basic lessons from young investors. first, this is really for all young people who graduated and everyone out there regardless of age and education level, listen up, save money. not everyone has a predisposition to save. we can't all be natural cheap scrapes and telling you to save over and over again, won't do any good. however, the stock market is a great way to trick yourself into saving a part of your paycheck and you might otherwise spend. investing in stocks can be a lot of fun. where is leaving money in a savings account or certificate of deposit is joyless for a lot. if you invest your savings in the market it will be easier to resist the temptation to spend it because it will be sitting in stocks you like and you'll have to sell them to get your cash bash. not only is this a terrific way to trick yourself into saving
but being the smartest place to put your money in a financial perspective. right now money market funds or cds give you hardly any return. it's a waste to keep savings in them when that cash could be making more money by earnings stocks in a broke rage account. this is a much more targeted piece of advice. while you're still young you can afford to take a lot more risk than say an old folk like me. in other words, when you're in your 20s, you can get away with riskier, more reckless strategies like owning more speculative single digit stocks where the upside is huge and downside and play with options and be more aggressive with your money. why is that? it's not because young people are naturally better speculators. because when you make a mistake, okay, mistake investing in your 20s, you got the whole rest of your life to fix it, make it back in paychecks. you can afford to buy more high-risk stocks and lose money
when you're young because you have 40 years to earn back those losses. older investors have to be more cautious. the closer you get to retirement, the more conservative your investing strategy has to be, fewer speculative stocks. but if you're in your 20s, you should invest like a young person, not old person. forget about bonds, please. i'm begging you. there is no reason for someone in their 20s to have bond exposure when it could be in stocks to make a consistent high return year after year. young people, take this advice to heart, especially because i suspect the recent college grads are most likely to invest in the market are the one whose are the most responsible, the most prudent about their money and prudence is terrific when you're putting together a budget to live within your means or deciding how much of your paycheck to save every month. for young investors being too prudent is reckless. 20 somethings live a little, at
least in your stock portfolio. take risks. forget about bonds for the next decade. play around with speculative names, maybe biotech companies and even if they do blow up and go all the way to zero, you got the rest of your life to earn the money back. they stop at zero and that's not a good scenario but you know what? you got many more opportunity when is you're younger. finally, it's never too early to invest. use your 401 k if your job has one and roth ira. they are made with after tax money and no penalty for early withdrawa withdrawals. so say, you decide to buy a car or house. you'll be in a better position if you've been keeping your money in a roth where you can withdrawal it early personality free, plus, when you're young you're liking painely making le. for young people just out of
college, investing is a great way to trick yourself into saving money you might spend. beyond that, remember when you're young you can afford to take more risk with your fort foll -- portfolio and never too soon to start contributing to your 4 o 1 k or roth. >> caller: i was looking at a stock and i wanted your opinion about it. i have $400 sitting around scott trade and i wanted to know if you think buying five shares of mastercard is a logic l idea? >> i spoke yesterday saying, we have got to pull the trigger on mastercard. we take advantage of the fact they missed one quarter. i think you're making the right move. mark in wisconsin, mark? >> caller: jim, thanks for taking my call. my question is about the dividend on sdrl sea drill. it's north of 10%.
i'd appreciate your thoughts. >> northermally, you would thin they would cut it. exxon cutting back on drilling. that's one i think is a red flag. when you're young, it is a great time to get started. and you're able to invest in much more speculative stocks, 401 k, roth, get started and keep your tweets coming to hashtag get a plan. stay with cramer. ♪
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it is time for the lightning round. sale, buy, sale. play the sound. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? it is time for the lightning round. start with cad in connecticut. you're up. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing? >> how are you? >> caller: my stock is tesla, buy, hold or sell more? >> tesla is cold. it's just driven by the power of the most. okay? power of emotion right now. right now emotions are moving high and it can go up. no reason to buy a stock but it's a cold stock. let's go to garrett in texas. >> caller: i wanted to start off by saying thank you to your and your team. you're a young investor and y'all taught me a lot.
>> thank you, your team is excellent. how can i help? >> caller: i had a question about cheg. i got in around 8.40. do i get out now? >> i don't know. a huge disappointment. sell half and if it moves up again, sell the rest. it's been a big disappointment. let's go to paul in illinois, please, paul. >> caller: boo-yah cramer. >> boo-yah paul. >> caller: my stock is hercules offshore. >> that is not great. if you go into that group, go into schlumberger. exxon, extremely disappointing. churl in illinois, cheryl? >> caller: boo-yah from pea y r illinois. >> you got great companies head quartered there. >> caller: what are you feeling on molly corp? >> no, no, speculative, stay away from that one.
don't want you anywhere near that. william in florida, william? >> caller: boo-yah cramer. >> how are you? >> caller: blde? >> fuel cells, no, no, i mean, it just had a move i'm not going to endorse that stock. let's go to mark in pennsylvania. mark? >> caller: boo-yah jim. >> boo-yah mark. >> caller: i want your opinion on dgnx. there is misleading information and points i looked at were the new drugs, the hydro dose pro -- >> you know, look, there is pure speck play and if you like pure specs this is perfect. i think you're okay. as long as you understand that it's speculative. zack in new jersey, zack? >> hey, jim. big fan, boo-yah. >> caller: thank you, zack. what is going on? i'm 23 and new to the market. what do you think about nxp?
>> sky works has the greater ability and cheaper than that. fran? >> caller: cramer. >> yes. >> caller: boo-yah from florida. how are you doing buddy? >> how are you, pal. >> caller: okay, but getting tired of looking at this one symbol in my portfolio. what can you tell me about valet? >> i can barely look at it. i talk a lot about good names in travel trust. this one is a terrible name and a good yield but doesn't seem to matter. it's a play out of brazil. it's a very unfortunate stock pick and i truly regret it. it does yield six down here so i'm not going to sell it. i hope it goes higher but hope shouldn't be part of the equation. own your mistakes. mike in new jersey. >> caller: what's happening, boo-yah. >> a local boo-yah, what's going on? >> caller: not too much. i own cisco in my retirement fund, in the hospital the tech company but the food company -- >> oh, yes. >> caller: and i took a page
from the confessions book and betting on the anti trust i loaded up deep in the money call. what is your thought? >> i think it's going to go through and as i say in get rich carefully, those self-help deals like sysco are precisely where you have to be. i say well-done and go buy more and that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by td americary trade. coming up, k-9 cash. the move has gone to the dogs and cats for that matter. fresh pet wants to transform fido's diet. ♪ ♪ ♪
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15% or more on car insurance. yup, everybody knows that. well, did you know that some owls aren't that wise. don't forget about i'm having brunch with meagan tomorrow. who? seriously, you met her like three times. who? geico. if you want to understand where a major trend is headed, suspects you have to go off the tape, take a closer look and privately help companies that embody the theme in question. i've been talking about healthy eating, organic and natural
foods, as a long term-trend. and i mentioned the fact more and more americans are treating their pets like children. these two themes come together in the theme of fresh pet. real fresh food for pets. when i say that, fresh pet is the only food whose product is refrigerated. it's meat-based with minimal processing. this may sound silly so some of you, especially non-pet owners. much more young people are distrustful and many prefer a natural organic as much as possible. why wouldn't they feel the same way about their pets initially, retailers were skeptical but the company overcome the step sis skpm now it's a truly disruptive force in the pet food industry, a business that hasn't changed much. i think this is a very intriguing story. so let's take a closer look with richard thompson, the serial entrepreneur. welcome to "mad money."
sit down. >> thanks for having me. >> i talk about stealth technologies and you compared your company to under ararmor, w does that work? >> under armor came and nobody thought they would be a big thing. same with fresh pet. safe, refrigerated all-natural food. 70 years, almost no invasion. i call it dry dusty kfood and te can food. >> there is people who want good food they don't care if it's good for them. what happens if the dogs won't eat what is good for them? >> in this case, we're fortunate. when you have real meat, real meat is that dogs will definitely 20-1 go for this versus dry dusty kibbles. >> we did try it with rider. it definitely worked. we didn't put any secret sugar
pills in there or anything. what do we know about actual health, and just like people say i go to whole foods, i'm going to live longer. what documented actual truth do we know about fresh food versus say, the food that we're all used to for the dogs? >> yeah, well if you think about just fresh food, right? >> uh-huh. >> food that's fresh all natural, no preservatives, less processed, you think about that. if we eat that for families, friends, and why wouldn't we do that if that's good for two-legged animals. why wouldn't it be good for four-legged animals. >> we do not feed any food from china. you actually look for an american flag. you've come in at a time when the chinese clearly demonstrated that the food chain for pets was corrupt. >> right, that -- i would say it's pretty corrupt. it's one of those things right place, right time with right products. so, you know, we've developed
fresh pet and your plant is in pennsylvania. >> yes. >> bethlehem, pennsylvania and a lot of the products or raw materials for our product is local, comes from pennsylvania, delaware. so it's all local. >> and you're hiring. i know you're creating jobs. >> yeah, we just finished building a now $30 million state of the art plant in bethlehem. >> i think people that are thinking that richard maybe is just a pet lover and not about making money, i want to talk about pasta and talk about meow mix. your previous jobs, you created a tremendous amount of value. >> we changed the pasta industry in the '80s and '90s bringing pasta that was better. we built five factories. and ended up as business today -- >> absolutely. >> meow mix, when nestle brought
purina, we teamed up with jrksz -- jw childs. we did a great job -- >> better than a great job. we sold meow mix for 400 and change and 700 million and change. so i think we did okay. >> are the stores comfortable with all the work they have to do? you put in these big presentations. they can't just stack it like they used to? >> no, we have almost 12,000 of these around the country. 12,000 retailers can't be wrong. putting these in, we have then in target, walmart, kroger, publics, bj's, whole foods, petco, pets mart. when we put this in, someone has to go home, right? so we take four feet of space by kind of switch feet and one of the electricity. so we use this header and it's our showroom. >> i know it's one of my favorite food chains, but you
use the word publics. any chance to come public? >> blue buffalo may become public and we wish them the best. for us, we got mid ocean and partners here in new york and a firm in la with charlie norris son. we're doing quite well. >> all right. i want a piece of the boar's head for -- >> animals. >> this is richard thompson, the ceo of fresh pet. this is where the invasions carry. i do wish i could own a share in this company. stay with cramer. tomorrow, kick off the trading day with squawk on the street. live from post nine at the nysc. >> want to give us a taste now? >> no, no, no, wow, no. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. ♪
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i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world.
there are buy backs and then there are buybacks. a host of companies announce them in the all important market move, yet, in the end many turn out to be duds. that's why you need to know what kind of buy back you're doing and how it is being executed. while sounding really big nevertheless, to me, look like they are a big waste of shareholders money. exxon ex held a disappointing analyst meeting today, and so stock fall was 3%. has been buying back stock consistently and that's meant little to the stock as of late because like it or not it's being done in a bad fashion. we want growth as you can see by comparing exxon with continental resources or eog with explosive drilling.
exxon was $86 and now at $93. contin -- continso much for the back. exxon should be spending more money buying needle moving properties and less money on its own stock. continental and ug is a market-rewarding choice. put ego with a chance. take the so-called monster buy back cisco has going, if you look over the last four years, cisco bought back almost 10% of the float. during that same period, the stock dropped from 24 to 21. you don't need me to tell you what a disappointment it is. you have to buy back stock with meaning and with aggressive steps. literally following the stock up as you go. take auto so much reported yesterday. auto zone has been the most
aggressive repurchaser stock of all the h the major companies. they went from 39 million shares to 49 million and the stock sage mix a lot, baby got buy back. so how z has the stock done? auto zone went from 168 to 554. this buy back is what made auto zone stock into one of the year's great performers. people don't believe it. this stock almost always seems to get hit after reports and someone gets bend out over the number. that's what happened. then we hear from management the buy back will be consistent. there is $727 million remaining buy back in the company and i got to tell you something, the stock flies right back and then some started today. not too late. buy auto zone. who else knows how to buy back more stock by sopping up supply and being right underneath on
the up ones? look no further than disney, timewarner, cbs and via com. i emphasize boarder themes. let's add to the list companies that buy back their own stock amazingly well with auto zone being exhibit a of the shareholder friendly repurchase plans. stake with cramer.
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i am not splitting hairs, a frothy market is different than a market who has some froth in it. people that want me to get negative are focused on frothy
stocks they have been wrong on for hundreds and hundreds of points. my job is to spot the froth and tell you it's speculative. juice for you right it for you money." i'm jim crepe are. i will see you tomorrow. no deal in paris. the u.s. sends fighter jets to nato bases in europe, this as secretary of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister meet in france, but russia is still not planning to pull out of the crimea. however, washington prepares a series of tough sanctions on moscow, the europeans have suddenly stiffened their spines. vladimir putin may be pushed into a corner that he doesn't like. we are going to have the latest on all of that. plus another day, another major obamacare delay, just unilaterally declared by team obama. now the administration will allow insurance companies to sell those canceled, quote, ta